Massage for wellness? Yes, please.

by | Sep 30, 2019

Guest blogger: Erica Girardeau, LMT

It’s not unusual behavior for people to seek relief from their ailments in the midst of them. When we feel discomfort, we look for relief from our symptoms. Massage is often one of the first alternative measures we take when we’re dealing with muscular aches and pains, which is an amazing thing because it can ward off having to take medications or getting surgeries that are tedious to recover from. Not only does massage provide relief from pain, but it helps you:

  • regain range of motion that was previously restricted
  • correct muscles that are overstretched or not strong enough to give you proper posture
  • gives your body the chance to feel and work optimally.

More specifically, it can help with:

  • migraines, tension headaches, TMJ
  • sinus issues
  • sciatica, plantar fasciitis
  • and a multitude of common issues you probably didn’t know were muscle-related

No one is exempt from body tension because we all do things every day that compromise our bodies; whether it’s sitting too much, sleeping in a less ideal position, or simply not stretching. Just as you come weekly to get chiropractic adjustments, sometimes your body is talking to you and other times you don’t feel any significant discomfort. But none the less, you come for maintaining the health of your nervous system and keeping your body at bay from the pain you felt that brought you into chiropractic, to begin with. Getting adjusted and massaged is not just about correction, but maintenance. Not only about treatment, but wellness. You want to help your body help itself. A problem often doesn’t fix itself without intervention, and that is what taking care of yourself does for you. Lastly, our bodies and minds crave touch.


Massage feels GOOD, as it should. It’s a release of the stress our bodies are holding onto. There is nothing wrong with doing something that makes you feel good, because why shouldn’t you feel good? Some people see massage as an indulgence or a luxury, but I believe feeling your best is what every person is entitled to. As a massage therapist, I faithfully and consistently get massages so I may better serve my clients. Massage is a service that serves you in the long run, rather than just the short run. There are times when I work on someone who has had very few massages in their lives, and the body manifests this through extremely tight muscle tissue, stiff fascia, and restricted range of motion. When you live in a body that has adapted to its environment and abilities, you have a body that is compromised without realizing it until someone puts their hands on you. One of the most beneficial things massage creates is awareness of the body. When you become conscious of what you carry around, you know where to send your attention, and be intentional about your healing.

So if you’re wondering where you should start in this process, the first step is booking a session and seeing for yourself what massage is all about. If you’ve never had a massage before, you are not alone! There are plenty of others who are late to the massage game, but the important thing is that you begin. Your body will thank you for the investment with returns that will serve you throughout your life. Book online at for your convenience or call our office to schedule your appointment.

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