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HealthWorks has been helping our community live pain-free for over
10 years with gentle upper cervical chiropractic care.


We’d love to help you, too.

“I was honestly tired of hearing myself complain so I just did something about it… and I’m so glad I did!”

Holly C.

“It’s non-invasive and you will receive results in multiple areas including mind and spirit.”

Frank Z.

“It supports my scoliosis, and I feel no pain like I did. Plus, they are such a wonderful tribe and glad to be a part of it feeling like family.”

Kristen K.

“Our whole family is experiencing greater wellness more consistently.”

Carli and Rosali

“Toward the end of my first year of treatment, I realized that I was no longer as congested and the migraines were almost non-existent.”

Sue L., PHD

“Your health and long-term investment are worth it!”

Kenya F.

Feeling good shouldn’t be a thing of the past.

  • Have you hit a wall not getting the answers you need?
  • Been told there is nothing wrong even though you feel there is?
  • Tried what seems like everything, wasting time and money?

At HealthWorks, we believe you deserve to feel great and that there are always solutions to be found. We start with a comprehensive exam called the F3 (full-body) exam, that evaluates every inch of your body, looking for what’s causing your symptoms. Once we know the culprit, we work with you to roll out a custom plan of natural solutions to show it who’s boss. 

Your body has immense healing potential when given the right care.

Feeling better is not too much to ask.

And, getting there doesn’t have to be so hard.

at HealthWorks the process is simple and affordable:

Step Brown

Chat with a doctor.

Book a complimentary consult with one of our doctors so you can share your goals and learn about our full-body approach to health, wellness, and healing.

Step Brown

Get clear answers.

We’ll start by conducting an F3 (or “full-body”) exam. It’s our secret weapon in mapping out a plan that gets you feeling like yourself, again, as quickly as possible.

Step Brown

Feel better fast.

Your body has the power to heal when given the right plan. We will be with you every step of the way, working together as your “feel great” team.

Don’t worry. If we find we’re not the best to help, we promise to refer you to someone who is.

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Upper cervical adjustment is fancy language for gentle chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Services

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Gentle Chiropractic Care Wellness Center Pediatric Chiropractic Plano Texas

Gentle Chiropractic Care

An upper cervical adjustment is a highly specialized technique that gently aligns the body from top to bottom.

Pediatrics Pregnancy Wellness Center Pediatric Chiropractic Plano Texas

Prenatal Chiropractor

Specialized training enables us to alleviate pregnancy pain, optimize positioning for labor, and ensure well-being for all.

Pediatric Chiropractor Wellness Center Pediatric Chiropractic Plano Texas

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Pediatric chiropractic care uses gentle techniques to maintain spinal alignment and promote children’s health and wellness, benefiting parents seeking a specialized approach.

Functional Nutrition Wellness Center Pediatric Chiropractic Plano Texas

Functional Nutrition

A functional nutrition analysis allows us to determine exactly what fuel your body needs to heal and thrive.

Massage Therapy Wellness Center Pediatric Chiropractic Plano Texas

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy alleviates lingering pain and complements our doctors’ treatment, bringing faster, more effective results.

From the first day of life to the last,

every body can benefit
from good chiropractic care.

At HealthWorks, we promise:

Nothing Rough About It

Contrary to what you may have seen on TV, there are no twists and cracks in our adjustments. We offer safe, non-surgical solutions.

Effective spinal alignment.

A Solution-Based Approach

We want to understand your entire health story. We don’t ever just treat symptoms; we trace them back to the root to identify what’s causing the discomfort.

You deserve better than guesswork.

Affordable Care

We have a variety of care plan options, including both ongoing plans and the option to pay by the visit. We’ve made even our most thorough, introductory full-body exam affordable for everyone.

Relief for your body, easy on your wallet

Don’t wait another day.

Every day you put up with pain is one day closer to it becoming a permanent problem. Take the first step towards reversing your symptoms and regaining your health.

It’s time to live life to the fullest again.