What to Expect

doctor taylor with a patient

What to Expect From Orthospinology Chiropractic Plano

Step One

Our Plano, TX upper cervical doctor will need to evaluate your medical history to know what’s going on with your health. Then, we will check your posture and nerve condition to determine whether you have cervical subluxation.

Step Two


Once the presence of postural distortion or spinal misalignment is confirmed, we will perform an additional 3D X-ray test to analyze the C1 and C2 bones. The images from this diagnostic procedure will allow us to obtain precise measurements needed to correct the misalignments.

Focused Spinal Adjustments
Step Three 

We will perform upper cervical chiropractic adjustments to help your C1 and C2 bones return to their original positions. Generally, this process is painless and gentle, as we only apply just enough pressure on the neck. 

After completing the first adjustment, we will then provide follow-up X-ray scans to check the changes on the cervical spine and the overall alignment of the spine and your head. If your cervical spine still needs work, we will continue to provide chiropractic adjustments. 

Please note that we don’t require X-ray scans for each visit. We only take your scans during your first visit to assess your cervical spine and after we finish the atlas correction. 

Also, we at Healthworks: A Family Wellness Center would like to emphasize that no two cervical subluxation cases are the same. Each patient requires a different approach and may have varying follow-up care procedures depending on the severity of the bone misalignment. 

Upper cervical care has provided relief to numerous patients who complain about ailments ranging from concussion, vertigo to neck pain, and migraines. The procedure primarily helps sick and suffering individuals by restoring balance in the body and promoting self-healing of the damaged or affected tissues.