by | May 11, 2016

Guest Recipe Blog by Britt McCrary

Dr. Jenn and Christy have shared the importance of gut health with my family and I many times over the past 3 years. Bone broth, organic produce, and pasture raised real foods have been key in my gut healing process. I brew kombucha and love fermented foods… especially kimchi! Yum! Over the years I’ve read countless blogs about 21 Day Sauerkraut, however I have yet to find an actual “how to” or recipe. So this year, I was determined to make it, and I’m glad I did! What a huge gut changing difference it has made for me. I’ve done the 3 day and 7 day with success, however the probiotic greatness doesn’t occur until Day 21. Without getting scientific, I would love to share what I’ve discovered and the easiest and most effective way I make it myself for pennies! All you need is: the want to, cabbage, salt, a glass jar, and 21 days of patience to not eat it. It will be crispy and delicious if you keep it mold free and wait 21 days… or longer if you prefer. It will last for months in your refrigerator when stored in a glass jar with it’s own liquid. Mine never makes it more than 2 weeks and I LOVE it with eggs in the morning. Uncured bacon fat or KerryGold butter in iron skillet – keep those golden yolks runny – toss in bowl, add 21 Day Kraut and enjoy!


Day 1: Dice dense head of cabbage or cut into small thin strips. Add to a regular crock pot with salt (I use Redmond real salt). Salt cabbage as you add to crock pot so cabbage is evenly salted. It will begin to make its own brine, however you may need to add clean filtered water at the end or when you move to glass jar. *I use my crock pot insert so I can mix & smash over the first 3 days easily – plus I have a plate that fits inside perfectly to keep it smashed down so liquid covers cabbage completely. I move it to the glass jar on Day 3. Use a potato smasher to pound & smash cabbage to break it down ( there’s a technical name for this) combined with salt this is how the brine is made. However if natural liquid doesn’t reach top of cabbage add water just barely to top. I have a plate that fits inside my crock pot so I can push down & cover it – you want to keep it weighted/pressed down. Put a towel that can breathe (but bugs can’t enter) over crock pot store similar to making kombucha.

Day 2: Open, stir, smash and press down – cover with plate & towel.

Day 3: Open, stir, smash for the last time then MOVE to large glass jar – press down as far as possible – there should be liquid up over cabbage. Add second smaller jar that fits into larger jar to weigh it down so liquid is up over cabbage. Add a towel & secure with rubber band.


Store in a cool dry place with air flow. It will stink & foam up at some point so I keep mine from day 3-21+ up in a cabinet over my fridge where I can open the door at night for air flow and close during day so no light gets in. I can also look up daily to see if there is mold. If there is mold throw out & start over.

I press inside jar down every few days but don’t take towel off til it’s done. My last batch went 23 days – it seems crisper & tastes so much better than 7 day. When you think it’s ready at day 21 or later just put it in a jar and refrigerate. It lasts months. Photos are of 1 large cabbage head. Connect @HealthWorksTX on your favorite social platform & let us know what you think!