Can Chiropractic Help With Sinus Issues?

This time of year, people have a lot of sinus issues and there are several things that your chiropractor can do to help.

What helps sinus pressure and congestion?

If there is tension around the ear and eustachian tubes; it can create a backflow of lymph that makes your sinuses feel very clogged, so we can do an ear adjustment.

What is an ear adjustment?

An ear adjustment is when your chiropractor will manipulate the ear by hand, essentially causing it to “pop” and releasing the pressure and tension in the ear immediately.

Stuffy ears and the pain and discomfort that accompany ear congestion can feel agonizing. Whether you suffer from ear issues chronically, during allergy season, or cold season, our team at HealthWorks Family Chiropractic can offer relief.

To watch an ear adjustment, click here.


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