Can TBI patients fully recover?

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Is traumatic brain injury permanent?

In 2019 at age 60, Jane received a traumatic brain injury when she was hit in the head with a landscaping truck and was told by her neurologist that she would never recover. After that she had trouble concentrating, she wasn’t able to feel like she could remember things as well, she had issues with anger and all of the classic signs of traumatic brain injury. She was really at a spot where she didn’t know what could help. She’d been told by the neurologist that there was no hope. She didn’t want to waste time and money trying things that didn’t work. Then she was referred by a friend to HealthWorks because of the specific upper cervical care that we offer.

How long does it take to recover from severe TBI?

Upper cervical chiropractic is really unique. It actually deals with the top part of the spine or what we call C1 or C2, the atlas and the axis. That area is very vulnerable to damage especially with something like a head injury because that area is really only anchored by ligaments. If you think about how weak ​your ankle can be if you just sprain it, think about spraining liniments up there. That area is so vulnerable to damage that can cause so many problems in actually recovering from any sort of traumatic brain injury.

Now we’re really glad to say that she is enjoying a life of joy. She’s able to think again. She comes in here and she’s got the biggest smile on when she walks in the door. It’s so fun to see this change and just think she was over a year going through the medical route, which, thank goodness, did save her life during that time. It’s sometimes the residual things that some people have with a traumatic brain injury that just hasn’t been touched with typical western medicine. We are really glad to see Jane’s change.

So if you’re just like Jane and you’ve had a traumatic brain injury and you don’t have the result that you’re looking for, follow Jane’s three easy steps:

  1. She came into the office and had a consultation with our doctors.
  2. We did a comprehensive F3 full-body exam to see exactly what was going on underneath the surface.
  3. Then, we put together a comprehensive plan with her to get the healing that she really needed.

If you’re still struggling with the effects of traumatic brain injury and you still see no hope in your future, follow those steps and click here to watch Janes story.