Can you fix ankle instability?

Do insoles work for overpronation?

Most people’s ankles over time will start to stress and roll inward. This process is called overpronation, which can lead to more than just ankle problems.

This makes you prone to have all sorts of foot, ankle, or knee issues, and ALINEs are a great solution to help stabilize your ankle. Having an unstable base for the rest of your spine can cause problems for your posture. What is different about ALINEs compared to other orthotics is that ALINEs are made from a flexible material that can allow your foot to move naturally as well as cupping the heel which will lead to having a more stable ankle.

What insoles are best for ankle pain?

For an ALINE measurement.

We’ll start you in a neutral position with your feet on the device, a little bit of a bend in your knee, and what we’re looking for is to see if your ankles are rolling in or out?

Then we see how the ankle looks within the device. Checking to see if the ankle leans closer to one bar or the other. After that we will give you our recommended size and if any added support for the ALINE is needed. 

How do you get used to insoles?

At HealthWorks Family Chiropractic, once you have been measured for ALINEs it’s important to get used to using them. Starting with wearing ALINEs for a couple hours a day and then working up to wearing them all day is necessary so you can break them. 

What is the average cost of foot orthotics?

Custom orthotics can cost anywhere from $200 to $800. Though that is not just a set price you need to factor in fittings and getting them resurfaced once they start wearing out. Fortunately, for the month of March we are discounting our ALINEs. Normally, at Healthworks Family Chiropractic the cost of ALINEs is $99, but we are selling them for $75 including a free fitting. 

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