Does Shockwave Therapy Work For Wrist Pain?

Does shockwave therapy work for wrist pain?

We just finished CJ’s third shockwave treatment and we’ve been treating his wrist. He’s had a long history of pain in that wrist.

Read all about his shockwave experience and how shockwave has helped him.

What were you experiencing?

“I’ve had this wrist pain for about two years. It’s a previous injury and I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of it with anything else. On this third treatment, we started all the way on the top attachment up here by the elbow. We worked down into the wrist and already, I mean, it’s far more mobile than it was prior to the treatment. And especially before all of the treatments.” -CJ

So he’s a little bit red through here. You can probably see just a little bit of swelling, which is perfect because that’s what we want from the shock wave. The shock wave is going in there and it’s breaking up scar tissue and adhesions and it is doing some microtraumas to the tissue so that stem cells will come and actually heal what’s been happening there for him.

After the first treatment, have you built a significant difference?

“Yes, far more stability and ability to lift without pain” -CJ

Usually, it’s three to five treatments. We’re on treatment number three and already his range of motion is much better, with no pain!

What is shockwave therapy good for?

The shockwave is an amazing tool to be able to have for any old injuries, any sort of chronic pain that you might have been having, a surgery site, anything musculoskeletal whether it’s wrist, elbows, knees, ankles, and spine… those are all great applications for the shock wave.

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