Can reading in bed hurt your neck?

How can I keep my posture while reading in bed?

In order to read in bed without hurting your spine, I suggest a wedge pillow. So, this is a wedge pillow that we just purchased off Amazon.

You want to make sure that it’s large enough, that it comes up at least to your shoulders when you’re seated. To use the wedge pillow in bed, you want to sit right up against it. Then you want several fluffy pillows so that you can place your book in such a position that your head is neutral. Now you can relax.

What is meant by text neck?

Now, why do you want to do this? Well, we’ve all heard of text neck, which happens when we’re looking down too much at our phones, our devices, and books. So whether you use this technique to read a book or play on your iPad or check your text messages, you want to keep your head in a more neutral position, instead of down.

Text neck

When your head is down in the text neck position, what’s happening is that you are actually removing the protective curve in your spine, and you’re training your spine in an unnatural and unstable position.

So use this simple tip to help protect your neck, while you’re relaxing in bed.

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