How Can My Chiropractor Clear My Sinuses?

Are you experiencing a stuffy nose or sinus issues?

This time of year, people have a lot of sinus issues and there are several things that your chiropractor can do to help.

Can you massage out sinus pressure?

Your chiropractor can do a sinus massage to help release anything stuck in your sinuses. You should start to feel your sinuses drain right away.

To watch a sinus massage, click here.

Is it good to massage your sinuses?

Massage helps promote drainage from the sinuses and ease congestion. All it takes is just a few minutes of gently massaging and putting pressure on the appropriate parts of your face. When inflammation occurs, pain may also be present in the surrounding muscles of the face, the upper neck, and the jaw. A gentle massage around the face and neck will help to drain the sinuses and relieve pressure from the affected areas.

To learn how to do a self-massage, click here.


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