How Do Chiropractors Adjust The Atlas?

Atlas (C1)

The technique that we use here at HealthWorks Family Chiropractic is Orthospinology. The Orthospinology chiropractic technique is a specialty within chiropractic that focuses on the upper cervical region.


Where is the atlas and what is its function?

The atlas bone (C1) connects your skull to your spine, and with the support of the axis (C2) just below, it gives your head its range of motion.

How does your atlas get misaligned?

Your atlas can get misaligned due to many reasons. This may be an injury, abnormalities in your bone structure, or a variety of conditions affecting the spine and musculoskeletal system.

Poor posture can also cause atlas misalignment over time.

How is an atlas adjustment done?

First, we take the measurements from our specific upper cervical films, we then measure and adjust with your specific numbers.

The actual adjustment is performed by an Adjusting Instrument. The instrument works by percussion—a sound wave. The bone is gently restored to its normal position allowing the body to begin healing – naturally.


To watch the full video, click here. This video helps you know what to expect with an atlas adjustment.

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