How Do You Release the Rectus Femoris?

How Do You Release the Rectus Femoris

What happens if your rectus femoris is tight?

Your rectus femoris is the big muscle that goes from your knee to your hip along the front of your leg. The muscle itself and the fascial layer on top of it can get very tight from too much sitting. While this is a really big muscle, when doing the release with a tennis ball you will want to focus on the top part of the muscle.

How do I loosen my rectus femoris?

You will want to do this on the floor. Identify the area and then get into position. Place the tennis ball on that area and then just roll your body weight onto it. Once there, you can do just a little bit of wiggling back and forth to find the exact spot. You can bend your leg to get some strain into that muscle as well.

This particular muscle can be very tender and if you’re finding that the pressure is too much, you can start off by trying to do this against the wall on a corner or you can use your other hip to raise your body up just a little bit. Before too long, you’ll be able to start using the tennis ball fully.

You can hardly even see the ball at all when your laying on it on this top portion. With any myofascial release, you’re going to want to spend a lot of time there. This isn’t a lot of rolling back and forth, but it’s more of a slight roll to find the most tender spot and then leaving the ball there. Let it dissipate for between two and five minutes. You’ll want to do that on both sides, and so you’ll spend a total of four to ten minutes releasing this muscle.

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