How Do You Release a Tight Gluteus Medius?

glute medius

Where is the gluteus medius located?

Your glute medius is a small muscle that runs along the crest of your hip and then down by your hip joint. How you find it on yourself is that you will want to find the very top of your hip bone. Then slide down over the bone and into the muscle. It runs all along through there and then down along the side of the hip a little bit. You are going to want to get all areas of the muscle released with a tennis or lacrosse ball.

If you’re just starting out you will most likely want to start with a tennis ball. If you are an old pro, you can use the lacrosse ball. You’re going to want to do this on the floor, and it’s easiest to start toward the part of the muscle that’s more on the back of your pelvis.

How do I release my gluteus medius?

Once you are set up on the floor, you are going to lift your body up and place the pressure of the ball right into that muscle. Then you are going to gently move around a little bit to find the most sore area, and then you are going to hang out there until that soreness dissipates. You will then gently roll a little bit more until you find the next area, for a total of two to five minutes on each side.

To release the areas along the side you will want to support your upper body and then roll a little bit more toward the side. You will want the ball to always be behind the hip. You don’t want to be right on top of the bone on any of these, that’s too uncomfortable and is not going to do what we want it to. Then again, you will want to hang out there for two to five minutes, so four to 10 minutes for both sides.

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