How Do You Loosen Tight Quadratus Lumborum?

how do you loosen a tight ql

What causes a tight quadratus lumborum?

You can use a large massage ball or a softball to release the muscle in your back called the quadratus lumborum or the QL. You will want something that’s fairly firm and a little bit larger than a tennis or lacrosse ball for this and it also needs to be pretty firm, like a foam roller or even a softball.

The quadratus lumborum is the muscle right above the hipbone. When going to place the ball you want to feel the top bone of your hip on your back and then slide off of that up into the muscle just a little bit. That’s where the placement of the ball is going to be.

The QL can get really tight because of too much sitting. The dynamic is that the muscle gets super tight and its then pulling forward your hips causing them to be slanted forward. The muscle gets really tight as well. You are going to want to release the fascia and the muscle, both over this area.

How do you fix a tight QL?

The technique will be to get the large massage ball or softball right above the hip into that muscle area and use the pressure of your body while laying on the floor to do it. While laying on your back, find the spot by raising up off of the hip bone and then placing the ball right under there.

This particular muscle can be tender, so you can moderate how much pressure you’re putting on it by how much you lean back. You could even work on finding a way to prop up your upper body a little bit to take some of the pressure off initially. After a while, you do want to be able to put quite a bit of pressure on it.

While being careful to avoid the hip bone and the spine, you’re just in that muscle portion in between both of those structures. Because this is a myofascial release, you’re not rolling around a lot. You’re just using the pressure of the sphere to go right into the muscle and the fascia, and you’re hanging out there for two to five minutes and letting the area dissipate. If It feels really good after just 30 seconds, you can just ever so slightly roll around and find another tender spot and hang out there for the full two to five minutes. This is something you’ll want to do on both sides.

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