How Do You Know If A Vitamin Is Good Quality?


Did you know that most supplements that are on the shelves at any major retailer are not regulated as to what actually is in them?

How do you determine the quality of vitamins?

I’m Dr. Jennifer Taylor from HealthWorks Family Chiropractic here in Plano, Texas. Let me show you the difference between the supplements; that random supplement you buy on the shelf, and the ones you can find there professionally, that are found by professionals.

First of all, we use a company called Standard Process. They have been in business since the early 1920s, and they actually have independent studies to make sure that everything that is in here is in here. There are no fillers, there are no byproducts, it is actually a very, very strong company.

Then you actually have Thorne. This is another professional company that has independent studies with three different labs that test their supplements to make sure that everything that comes into their warehouse before they even put it into the bottle, is clean and free from allergens as well.

We love to use these two companies and you can only find them through professionals. This is one of the reasons why we choose to use these and not just, you know, recommend things off the shelves.

If you want to know a little bit more about nutrition and health, we’d love to tell you.

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What is Standard Process’s mission?

“Our mission has always been to change lives, and we dedicate ourselves to doing things the right way. That’s how we show that we care at Standard Process. Our commitment to quality starts with our people and is furthered through our investment in the equipment and processes we put into place to ensure everything is done to the highest of standards. That’s what makes us different from anyone else. We are also vertically integrated, which allows us to manage the quality, safety, consistency, potency, and purity of our products from raw materials handling to packaging and shipping. We stand by the quality of our products because we handle what goes into them every step of the way.”

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What is Thorne’s mission?

“We believe personalized, scientific wellness can extend the duration of one’s health span, create happier and healthier lives, and feel one’s best at every age and life stage.”

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