How Do You Loosen Tight Calf Muscles?

calf muscle

What problems can tight calves cause?

Your calves do extra work that they are not intended to do if the dynamic of your low back and pelvis is off. This creates changes in the way that you walk and in your gait, which uses these muscles more than they are intended for. Additionally if you have weaknesses in your ankles or your foot isn’t hitting the ground properly, it can also create issues in your calves.

Your calves are prone to a lot of problems. People will notice either tightness in their calves or pain along the bottom of their foot, which all stems from this lower leg area. When doing this exercise, you can choose to start on the easy level with a tennis ball or you can start on the hard level with a lacrosse ball. The firmness of the ball you are using determines the difficulty level, and you can always start out with a tennis ball and work your way up to a lacrosse ball.

How can I make my calves looser?

Once you have the ball you are going to use, get on the floor and place the ball under the very bottom of your leg. Sometimes people feel more restriction in the middle part of the calf but don’t be tempted to start there. You will want to start toward the very bottom of the leg and that will help to release the upper calf. You can work your way up the leg, but just make sure you always start at the bottom. You do not want to ever skip starting at the bottom of the leg.

Now that the ball is in place, cross your other leg over to put a little bit more pressure on that spot and gently roll a little bit back and forth to find the exact tender spot. Once you have found it, stop and stay there for between two to five minutes.

If that area dissipates, then you can gently roll a little bit more and finish working out that two to five minutes. You don’t want to vigorous up and down movements. This is not rolling or massage, this is a mild fascial release. You want that pressure point right in the sore spot and then let it dissipate.

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