How Do You Release Trigger Finger at Home?

Dealing with a trigger finger can be uncomfortable and limit your hand’s functionality. While chiropractic care is essential for addressing the underlying issues, there are several techniques you can follow at home to complement your treatment. We will guide you through a step-by-step protocol using simple tools like arnica lotion, a lacrosse ball, and a fascia blaster to help release tension and promote healing in your hand and arm.

Is Heat a Good Muscle Relaxer?

To prepare your arm for the protocol, it’s crucial to warm up the muscles and to make sure they are pliable. You can use a heating pad, take a hot bath, or workout to achieve the desired warmth and flexibility.

What Does a Lacrosse Ball Do for Muscles?

Using a lacrosse ball, you can target specific areas of your forearm to release tension. Place the ball on a corner surface, position your forearm on it, and gently roll over the sore spots. Apply pressure by leaning into the lacrosse ball, ensuring it is uncomfortable but not painful. Maintain the pressure for 30 to 60 seconds before slowly extending and returning your hand to a neutral position. Spend 2 to 5 minutes in each spot, avoiding doing more than two spots in a single session.

What Happens When Fascia Releases?

For the next part of the protocol apply an arnica or normal lotion to your forearm and hand, ensuring the smooth gliding of the fascia blaster’s claws over your skin. Start by working primarily on the front of your arm, gradually moving towards your wrist. Be cautious around the neurologically dense area of your wrist, avoiding direct contact with the claws. Instead, focus on the edges while maintaining comfort. Extend your fingers and work the fascia blaster into your hand and fingers. Pay special attention to the trigger finger, massaging along the middle part and the adjacent finger to release tension and fascial restrictions.

By following this at-home protocol, you can enhance the effects of your professional chiropractic care for a trigger finger. Regularly incorporating these techniques, along with your chiropractor’s adjustments, can help promote healing, release tension, and restore proper hand functionality. 

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