How Do You Release the Upper Traps?

how do you release the upper traps

What causes tight upper traps?

You can release the upper traps using a tennis ball. The upper traps can get very, very tight, especially when you’ve lost your normal cervical curve and have your shoulders rounding forward. That puts incredible strain along the back of the neck because it’s trying to hold your head on. Your head starts to weigh more and more the further it comes forward and the loss of curve that you have underneath the surface. This doesn’t necessarily restore your cervical curve, that comes from adjustments and using your traction pillow at home, but it does help to release some of the strain and all works together to rehab this area of your body.

How do you relieve tight upper traps?

To use the tennis ball technique on the upper traps, you’ll need to find a protruding corner. Then identify a side you need to work on. You may be assigned one side or the other, or maybe you need to do both sides. Once you have determined what side or sides, place the tennis ball right on the top of your shoulder. Hold it in place then bend forward so that the tennis ball is being held in place by the wall and your shoulder.

You may want to use a chair to help support your body. For each side you’re going to want to spend between two and five minutes to completely release both muscle and the fascia. This can typically be a very sore area. Once you have one area that’s feeling good and if you still have time on the clock, you can just ever so slightly roll around a little bit.

You may need to use your hand to help the ball so it doesn’t fall and find another spot. Avoid the temptation to roll a lot, you really want to keep the ball in one spot and let the pain dissipate from that area.

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