How Do You Stretch While Sitting in Class?

How Do You Reduce Strain on Your Spine When Sitting For Long Hours?

August is back-to-school time, which often means a lot of sitting. But fear not, there are simple stretches you can do to keep your spine healthy even during those long periods of sitting. Stretching is important to keep muscles active and healthy and provide proper range of motion.

How Do You Stretch Your Neck and Shoulders?

One stretch that will help while sitting focuses on the neck. Begin by looking down and tilting your head over your shoulder. Place your hand on the back of your head and apply gentle pressure. This stretch targets the back of your neck up to your shoulders. Be sure to do this on both sides for a balanced stretch.

Is There a Hip Opening Stretch That Can Relieve Back Pain?

Another stretch to help the rest of your body focuses on opening the hips. While seated, place one ankle on the opposite knee. Use both hands to gently pull the raised knee towards the opposite shoulder. Maintain a straight spine throughout the stretch. This stretch helps keep your hips open and reduces tension in your lower back caused by prolonged sitting.

How Often Should You Stretch When Sitting?

It’s ideal to take breaks and stand up every 45 minutes, but sometimes we get caught up in our work. If that’s the case, remember to do these stretches every few minutes or at least every 15 to 20 minutes. This will help keep your body limber and your spine healthy, even when you’re in a productive flow. By incorporating these easy stretches into your routine, you’re taking proactive steps to counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting. Whether you’re a student hitting the books or a professional working at a desk, your spine will thank you for these quick and effective stretches.

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