How Long Does It Take To Know If Vitamins Are Working?


Have you ever taken a supplement and gone, “Ugh, this isn’t working”? There’s a reason behind that.

Are medications and vitamins the same?

Now, there’s a difference between supplements or vitamins and medication. Medication is meant to kind of force your body into submission. Especially if you’ve got an ongoing infection, you want that to wipe it out immediately. You don’t want to wait months and months for an infection to go away.

Now, medication also has side effects, a lot of side effects. We know this. This is why that has to be prescribed by your primary care physician or another medical doctor.

At HealthWorks: A Family Chiropractic in Plano, Texas, what we want to do is support your body so your body can be healthier, so it can maybe avoid infections in the future. What we do is, look to supplements.

Do vitamins/supplements really work?

Supplements don’t work as medications do. They do take time. It takes 120 days for your cells to completely turn over, and that’s just biology. We can’t change that. Give your supplements time to work. An average of three to four months is optimal to know that supplement is working. We even check here to make sure those supplements are working appropriately.

If you’re interested in making sure that your supplements are working right, and you want to get off the medication train and support your body, we’re the office to do that for you.

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