How Was John Atkinson’s Theory Similar To Chiropractic?

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Who was John Atkinson?

John Atkinson was a London bonesetter in the 1890s who practiced veterinary medicine, and would later gain world acclaim for his theory that manipulation of the nerves around the spine, could cure the maladies of organs.

The introduction of Atkinson in 2014 in the summer edition of Chiropractic History, along with a diagram of the spinal cord and what vertebrae connected to what organs garnered widespread interest from the chiropractic community specifically because the chart provided was one similar to what we can find at the chiropractor today.

Bovine, G., & Waters, T. (2021). The New System of Spinal Treatment of John Atkinson, the English Bonesetter. Chiropractic History, 41(2), 33-38.

John Atkinson


How do chiropractic adjustments affect the nervous system?

The spine and nervous system are the pathways through which your brain and organs communicate. When the spine is misaligned, nerves can get pinched. This interferes with the vital communications that are going on within your body. The end result is pain, illness, and ailments that drain your energy.


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