Mystery Health Problem Solved by Chiropractic

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Mystery Health Problem Solved by Chiropractic

Your nervous system is hard at work every day to keep you healthy.

My name is Dr. Christy Flick and I’m a chiropractor at HealthWorks: A Family Wellness Center in Plano, Texas where we practice precision chiropractic care to help get you healthy and keep you that way.

Your autonomic nervous system is the part of your nervous system that controls all of the functions that happen automatically in your body that you never have to think about. That’s things like breath rates, digestion, how to digest the precise food that you just ate, the rest of your digestive system, your pancreas. When was the last time you thought about how much insulin your pancreas should secrete? Well, probably not for a while. That’s because all of that happens behind the scenes and thank goodness because that way we can think about other things.

Well, your nervous system is what chiropractors are interested in keeping healthy. When a chiropractor evaluates your spine, we’re looking at not just the bony part that encases this nervous system but we also need some way to evaluate and make sure that the nerves are working properly too. That’s really what we’re after. That’s part of our exam process. If you’re a patient here at HealthWorks: A Family Wellness Center, you’ve seen that in your core score.

Her bladder problems were actually coming from a low back issue.

Here’s a patient story that shows how important nervous system health is; a young lady who was coming to our office and she had recurring bladder infections, one bladder infection after another after another, after another. When we evaluated her low back, what we found was that in her low back where the nerves go to supply the bladder, she had some areas that were under extreme stress. These nerves were off the charts on her scans, into the black zone, because those nerves were under so much stress. Long story short, she had been evaluated by many different doctors and it was determined that these recurring bladder infections were happening because her bladder was not fully emptying. She had to use a catheter every time she needed to urinate just to fully empty her bladder and keep the infection at bay, this was obviously a huge problem for her and causing serious disruption in her life!

Chiropractic care helped restore her body’s proper function.

When we evaluated and found out that her low back was under extreme stress, what we were able to do from a chiropractic standpoint was relieve the tension that was creating the problem in those nerves, which, in turn, allowed her body to heal. Interestingly, this patient did not suffer from low back pain at all!  Only 10 % of nerves actually feel pain at all and so the nerves were compromised without her knowledge.  After a course of chiropractic care, she was able to regain full use of her bladder and the infections went away, too. She was no longer holding reserve and creating infections in there. She was able to get her life back!

There are many other examples like that that we see on a daily basis here at HealthWorks:  A Family Wellness Center and chiropractors in their offices see similar things.  Chiropractic is so powerful because it allows the body to heal!  This patient’s case is just one example of why it’s so important to keep your autonomic nervous system healthy so that it can support you behind the scenes all the time.

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