Need a Gentle Shoulder exercise? Try This Pendulum Stretch.

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Need a Gentle Shoulder Exercise?

Painful or locked up shoulders?

Have you noticed an increase in shoulder stiffness or even a decrease in your range of motion in your shoulder? Well, today I’m going to show you an easy exercise to help get that motion back. I’m Dr. Kara Penson, and I’m a chiropractor here at HealthWorks: A Family Wellness Center in Plano, Texas.

Codman Shoulder Exercise is gentle and effective.

Now, the exercise we’re going to be doing today is called Codman’s shoulder exercise and it’s a pendulum exercise. So what that means is you’re going to let your shoulder do all the work for you. So now, I’m going to show you how to do this properly. For this exercise, you’re going to be bent at your waist with your arms hanging loosely down by your sides. ` For this exercise, you can use just your arm weight or you can add in a small little hand weight to hold. What you’re going to do is let your arm hang loosely down by your side, and you’re just going to do small movements forward and backward for a few seconds. Then you’re going to switch directions and move right to left for just a few seconds, and once your arm gets used to that, you’re going to start going in circles.
Next, you’re just going to continue to do this for 30 seconds of circles, starting out small circles, or what your shoulder can handle, and then slowly moving up to bigger circles as you feel that range of motion increasing in your shoulder. Now, this exercise will help increase your range of motion in your shoulder as well as decrease any stiffness you may feel, and it’s also good because it’ll help increase any blood flow and circulation into those shoulder muscles to help regain that motion.
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