New Massage Technique Offered: Fascia Blasting

Ashley Fasciablasting

Hi, I’m Ashley, the licensed massage therapist at HealthWorks: A Family Wellness Center. I want to share with you a new technique that I’ve added to my sessions, fascia blasting. 

When our fascia is healthy, it’s actually really smooth, but over time it can tighten around our muscle and it’s going to cause a painful muscle to develop, and it’s going to have a limit on your mobility. So, it’s really important that we work in that area. 

When you come in for your session, what we’re going to do is find the area that needs to be addressed first. Then, we’re going to use a heating pad to warm that area. It’s also really important that we warm that area before we start. Then we’re going to use this tool that is designed specifically for working the fascia. And, using an oil or lotion, we’re going to work that area back and forth helping this fascia to release. 

Working your fascia has a lot of benefits. You’re going to feel better, you’re going to have less pain and you’re going to have a decrease in your range of motion. So this is something that you think you might be interested in trying out in your sessions stop by and schedule your appointment or ask about a free massage assessment.  You can also call or text our office at 972-612-1800 to set up a massage time with Ashley.  I really look forward to working on you. 

For more about the fascia blasting technique, you can check out the founder, Ashley Black, on her website here.  

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