NEXT LIVE WORKSHOP: Heal Your Gut! Get Healthy from the Inside Out.

by | Aug 1, 2018

Have you heard about the importance of gut health? Our next workshop is all about how to heal your gut.

Here are some of the top signs you might need to work on healing your gut:

  • You have an autoimmune disorder
  • You have food sensitivities
  • You have skin issues
  • You have mood disorders
  • You have digestive disorders
  • You’re chronically fatigued
  • You’ve got unexplained gut bloat and weight gain
  • And, of course, we can’t talk digestion without a little poop talk. Does yours make the grade?

At the workshop, we’ll be sharing:

– How the digestive system works.

– How to quickly heal most common digestive complaints.

– How stress affects digestion.

– Preventative measures and natural approaches to improve the health of the digestive system.

– Plus, a step-by-step approach to healing your gut.

The workshop will be 8/27/18 at 6:30 PM right here at HealthWorks. We’d love to see you in person – and bring a friend! RSVP here.