Dr. Jennifer Taylor shares her captivating journey to becoming an dedicated Plano Upper Cervical Chiropractic doctor. Starting her career as a chiropractic assistant, Dr. Taylor was exposed to various chiropractic techniques, but it was one life-changing experience that set her path in stone.

She recounts an emotional story of a 12-day-old newborn who had a difficult birth, leading to critical suckling and breathing problems. The baby, who didn’t cry at birth, was brought to the chiropractic office where Dr. Taylor worked. Witnessing a near-miraculous event, she saw how a thermography scan of the baby’s upper cervical spine revealed the underlying issue. With just a low force adjustment using the doctor’s pinky finger, the baby’s atlas bone was shifted into place, allowing her to breathe normally for the first time. This profound moment ignited Dr. Taylor’s passion for Upper Cervical Care.

Throughout the rest of the video, Dr. Taylor delves into the numerous benefits of Upper Cervical Care, emphasizing its vital role in maintaining proper nervous system function and overall health.

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