Want a Free 10-Minute Massage at Work? Increase Workplace Wellness with Our Massage Event Program.

Massage Events

We Come To You With A 10-Minute Chair Massage & A Free Exam Offer 

Free Chair Massages with our Massage Event Workplace Wellness Program

Marisa:  “Hi, this is Marissa, your community outreach director here at HealthWorks. Many of you may know me in the office answering phones or helping with therapies, but my main job is out in the community where we do these really wonderful Free Chair Massage Events.

Dr. Kara and I go out and we meet new patients, potential patients, let them know about how great HealthWorks is, and just give them a little break at their workplace. We always start off with our massage consent form. We have our participants just fill out any pain that they feel that helps for the massage itself but also gives us an idea of how HealthWorks may be beneficial to them.”

Chair Massage Increases Workplace Wellness by Reducing Stress

Dr. Kara:  “I always start with a quick assessment and always start at the shoulders because that’s where most people hold their tension. I just feel around, I feel for any tightness in the muscle, I palpate their vertebra. When I say palpate, that just means I feel around. I’m feeling for any restrictions in the spine, as well as tight muscles. Ideally, I would like to feel nice, soft, squishy muscles. However, for the most part, most people’s muscles feel like rubber bands. They’re very tight and taut and not relaxed at all. I’ll continue down. I always feel the pelvis for restrictions as well. I’ll feel down here for any restrictions. This just helps me narrow down where I need to focus the massage.

Now, most people will say our neck and shoulders, and a lot of people would say low back as well. I’ll start my massage.  I will do a firm grip and allow those muscles to relax, it feels like they’re melting away. That really just shows me that they’ve started to relax for me. That’s our whole goal with this. However, if I can get the muscle to relax but the patient still feels pain, that means there’s something else going on entirely. That could be the subluxation or the misalignment of the spine. That shows us that chiropractic care can really help you out.”

Marisa:  “That’s the best workday ever to have a massage. We want to come and visit you at your workplace. We always offer our great F3 exam at no charge for our Massage Event participants, where we look at your form and function and give you a great report of findings as far as what is happening inside your body, what that 100% of the picture looks like.

If you’d like for us to come to your workplace please let us know!  You can find out more details on our website at https://dallasmassageevents.com/ or by texting Marisa at our office number, 972-612-1800.