What Can I Take To Strengthen My Bones?

What can I take to strengthen my bones?

Today, we’re talking about bone health.

Now, you all heard that calcium plays a big part in making sure you have nice strong bones, but did you know that vitamin D plays a synergistic role in that as well?

What does vitamin D do?

Vitamin D’s role is to increase the intestinal efficacy of calcium absorption, but other non-classic roles for vitamin D have been investigated over the past several decades. In fact, vitamin D receptors are found in many tissues other than bone and the small intestine, such as in type 1 helper T cells, macrophages, the prostate, the brain, and other tissues.  The role of vitamin D is truly vast!

Proper absorption of vitamin D enables your body to in turn absorb calcium, fight infection, and keeps your nervous system and muscles working as they should. The most natural, direct way to get vitamin D naturally is through sun exposure, but people tend not to get enough sun to produce adequate amounts.  We are typically indoors most of the day and those living in Northern regions have less sun overall during the year. However, some people have a more difficult time absorbing vitamin D than others, and some medical conditions can make it difficult to absorb Vitamin D from food.

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Okay, well, let me tell you, vitamin K2 is also a big part of that.

Why should you take vitamin D with K2?

When you’re taking your calcium, magnesium, and your D3 they all work perfectly together to create nice strong bones. But, K2 makes explicitly sure that calcium and all those vital minerals go right to your bones and don’t settle in your arteries. K2 is an essential part of making sure that your bones stay nice and strong and healthy.

At Healthworks, we actually have a product by Thorne. It contains vitamin D3 and K2 together in it, a perfect, perfect amount to make sure that it goes straight to where you want it to go to keep those bones nice, strong, and healthy.


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