How Do You Release A Tight Glute Max?

glute max

What causes tight gluteus maximus?

The glutes are a very tender muscle and you’re going to find plenty of sore spots in that muscle group. You can use a large massage ball or even a softball to help release that muscle.

The glutes are also a very strong muscle and do a lot of compensating for too much sitting or improper gait. You could spend quite a bit of time releasing the glute muscle but this is not a stretch, this is a myofascial release. You will want to make sure you go slow and spend a minimum of two to five minutes in that area.

How do you unlock tight glutes?

If you’re finding a lot of sore spots and it feels good to release them, then you can spend even more time if you’d like. Just make sure that you don’t go from soreness into pain. This should be a pleasant experience and always make sure that you’re gauging that you’re not crossing over into pain.

You will want to do this on the floor. To get into position, lift your body up and position yourself so that you are practically sitting on the ball. Once you’re there, you can ever so slightly move around a little bit to find the exact spot. Once you have found it you are going to stop and hang out there until the pain in that area dissipates. Then you will roll around more and find that next spot and wait until it dissipates.

You want to make sure to do both sides minimum two to five minutes. So for both sides, four to 10 minutes.

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