What is an IgG and IgE blood test?

Have you ever heard of food sensitivity testing? 

There’s one called the IgG Test, and there’s another test called the IgE Test.

Now, these are immunoglobulins that can be looked at through blood, a blood sample.

What is the difference between IgG and IgE?

With the IgE, that’s typically the one that you would get at your allergist’s office. They’re looking for anaphylaxis, they’re looking for things that your body responds to immediately, which are so, so important.

However, the IgG test looks at what you could be responding to even a week later. These are hard to determine. Whether you eat, some gluten on Monday, you could have a migraine headache by Friday. It’s really hard to determine what those foods are since the sensitivities are just so vast.

This is why we choose to do IgG testing here at HealthWorks Family Chiropractic. Number one, it lets us know that you have a leaky gut, and number two is the most important; you can heal from these! If you heal the gut, you can start eating those foods again.

Many people are intolerant or hypersensitive to foods and additives like dairy products, caffeine, and gluten. If you suspect that you may be intolerant to a certain food or food additive, speak to our doctors about our IgG test and treatment options. Although food intolerances are usually less serious than food allergies, they can negatively affect your quality of life. This is why it’s important to take steps to identify food intolerances in order to prevent unwanted symptoms and health issues.


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