Why Shinoj Chose an Upper Cervical Chiropractor


What is an upper cervical adjustment?

Does pain just zap your spirit? Shinoj was able to lead a normal life after years of low back and knee pain by using upper cervical chiropractic care. Shinoj’s story is much like what you’ve heard over and over again. He was assembling a TV stand for his family and started the day normal like any other day, but then ended the day with low back pain and knee pain that just didn’t go away. Shinoj lived in a different state at the time and he tried so many different things to get rid of the low back and knee pain, including chiropractic care.

That’s where our office can differ because the upper cervical chiropractic care made a big difference for Shinoj. He came in and he followed our three easy steps:

  1. He had a consultation to figure out what was going on.
  2. We did an F3 full body exam.
  3. Then we put together a comprehensive care plan for him that involved the upper cervical care.

What happens after an upper cervical adjustment?

Upper cervical is very unique in chiropractic as it looks at the cause of the problem neurologically. Shinoj’s chiropractors in his other state saw that he had a short leg. They told him they would just put a lift in his shoe and Shinoj knew instantly that wasn’t right. We see that with a lot of patients and very few patients actually have a short leg. When the atlas (C1) is taken care of, everything relaxes and the leg length comes back to normal.

Upper cervical care made such a big difference for Shinoj. He’s now living pain-free with no low back and knee pain. He can play with his kids the way that he’d like to and that means the world to him. So if Shinoj’s story is anything like yours, give us a chance to figure out what’s going on with you. Don’t let this go on for years and years. Chiropractic care can really help you and we’d love to be part of your story!  To watch the video, click here.