What Stretches Can Improve Your Range Of Motion?


Full spine range of motion is a great way to start or end your day or to take a break if you have a desk job.




Flexion (bending forward)

The first part of the stretch is to bend forward and do a nice toe touch. So, you might not be super flexible and, that is okay you don’t need to force it. You just want to feel a nice stretch all the way down your back and on the backs of your legs.


Extension (bending backward)

Once you’ve completed that, about 90 seconds of gentle stretching, you want to go backward. Don’t push this one too much. If you’re prone to low back issues, you really want to take it easy, but you do want to get a stretch along the whole front of the body.


Lateral (bending side to side)

Now we’ll get some lateral bending. For this one, we’ll stand straight, and we’ll go over to the side. You can either keep your arms straight or you can bring your arm into it for a little bit of extra stretch along the side of the body.


Rotation (twisting)

Great, now we’re going to do a rotation. You bring your arms out to the side and now bring your fists together and turn all the way to one side, and all the way to the other side.

Where I see people go wrong on this one is that they’ll forget that their whole body should move, and so I’ll see some of this. No, you want your whole body to move.


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