Why Is Foot Alignment Important?

How does the ankle support the body?

The alignment of your structure is really important to make sure that your joints don’t wear out ahead of time. As a chiropractic office, we talk about the alignment of the spine, the atlas, and the hips. We want to make sure everything is nice and square. Proper alignment extends down into your hips, your knees, and your ankles as well. Some symptoms that can cause your ankle to misalign include ankle sprains or injuries, overpronation, wearing shoes that don’t fit or support your foot, and having poor gait.

What is the role of the ankle in gait?

Proper ankle alignment is when you stand in a neutral position, your feet should be straight ahead. When you walk, your feet should be straight. Sometimes you’ll notice that people will walk with their feet pointed out or maybe then on the stride, the ankles turn in. So, you see a lot of rolling of the ankles. You might have this issue if you’ve had a lot of ankle sprains or you’re starting to get ankle or knee issues. Your ankle supports your body’s weight and allows you to walk, run, and jump. However, when your ankles are misaligned, it can cause problems to trickle up and affect the rest of the body. 

What helps with ankle problems?

With ankle misalignment your weight is shifted to other joints which can cause inflammation. One suggestion for helping ankle misalignment is having correct inserts to help allow movement of the foot while still being supported. At Healthworks Family Chiropractic the shoe inserts we like the most are ALINEs. What they do is keep the ankle in a neutral position so that you’re supported from the bottom up. The ALINEs have a design that cups the heel, which stabilizes the ankle. This helps to prevent foot issues, knee issues, and hip issues, and it’s great for your structural alignment. 

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